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Here's To You, Mom: A Mother's Day Tribute

by Bill Stephens, Vice President of News Operations, Metro News Network
Originally featured in May of 2017 around Mother's Day

When I started to make notes for this writing, I wanted to make this about both my mother and all mothers. The more I dove into the project and in an effort to keep it short but meaningful, I realized this article could go on forever- and it should.

First, we all have a mother. She could be either biological, adopted, step or any other description you want to use. But, the bottom line she is Mom.

My mom will celebrate her 60th Mother's Day. That is technically mom will have been a mother for 60 years, eight months and eleven days. In that time she has become a superhero to me and my siblings. She is a grandmother and great-grandmother. Mom has always been there for the good times and the not so good moments also.

At some point in our lives, we may question what our legacy is or will be. A mothers legacy is her children and she will live on in each of them as her lessons and love is passed down to each child, grand child and great grand child with hopes that they will do the same.

The intent of this is to let you, Mom, and all mothers know how much you mean to us and to also hopefully inspire other sons and daughters to take time out to reflect on those true emotions and thoughts.

I wish you could be here forever, but I know it is not possible. So until then I want you to understand how lucky I am to have you as my mom.

For all the times I have called and you have answered...Thank you!

For the encouragement and your time going to concerts and school plays...Thank you!

For all of the meals you spent hours preparing, holiday gatherings, birthday parties...Thank you!

For all of the laundry you spent cleaning so I didn't "stink up the place"...Thank you!

For all of the phases I have gone through. The "hold my hand phase", The "Oh, my god don't kiss me" phase, The "mom isn't cool phase" and now, "my mom is the greatest" phase.

You have always been proud of my accomplishments and never let me give up when I failed. My dreams were your dreams. Even when it seemed impossible and I was about to give up, you always believed in me.

You made a difference by telling me I was capable of anything; you really meant it. You are my supporter and will always be the first person I will go to with good news to celebrate and the first one I turn to when times are difficult.

I know I haven't always been the best son in the world. I have upset you, scared you and given you headaches. Some of my job choices were dangerous and some still are. I am sure that was a source of most of your headaches. Sure, it's part of growing up and every son and daughter goes through many phases and mom is usually the one that has to deal with that stress.

I hope you look at who I have become and are proud. Yes, others taught me life lessons but you were the first and remain the one constant in my life. Don't ever think that you didn't do enough for me. You are much more than I could have asked for in a mother.

So, as we all look to our mothers that have meant so much to us, I look at you mom and see someone worth celebrating, not just on this one day, but every day of the year. Every day is Mother's Day. For all of the amazing things you do for us, every day you deserve to hear thank you and I love you!!!

Never take for granted the time you have with your loved ones.As a side note and in the words of Coach Bear Bryant, "Have you called your mama today? I wish I could call mine."

Editor's Note: On this Mother's Day 2017, we offer our sincerest thoughts to every mother out there. For those here on earth we send you a hug. And for those who have gone before us, we send our love to where you are now. Special thanks to Bill Stephens for such a beautiful tribute to his mother, Mrs. Stephens, and all other moms who are worthy of great families around the world.